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Boxcar Burgers

We serve simple food, done well and made from the best local ingredients.  We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a region rich with amazing agricultural land and small farmers that are committed to providing world class meats, produce, and dairy. We use only grass fed beef sourced directly from Maryland small family farms.

Boxcar began life as a food truck (or more specifically a trailer), quickly growing to two trucks, and then finally our current iteration of one truck and two brick and mortar locations - Brunswick, MD and Frederick, MD. The restaurant now serves high-quality Great Falls ice cream made in Maryland from Maryland milk.  Our Frederick location is steps within Downtown Frederick, which our Brunswick location is at the heart of historic downtown, within steps of the MARC commuter train and the C&O Canal Towpath. 

Grass Fed Beef

Simply put, grass fed beef is better for the environment, better for the animals, and results in a superior quality product.  Grass fed beef is produced from cows who are raised exclusively in pastures to graze on their natural diet of – you guessed it – grass! Boxcar is proud to only use beef from cows that live their entire lives in the field, as opposed to most commercially raised cattle which consume a diet of grain for the last 5-8 months of their lives.

About our beef supplier

Hedgeapple Farm in Buckeystown, MD stands out as a model of economically and environmentally sustainable, grass-based beef production. The farm and its many conservation practices, including rotational grazing and regenerative farming, reduce our overall impact on the surrounding ecosystem and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay while producing our delicious and nutritious Angus beef.

They are proud that the many resources on our property - water, plants, animals and a variety of wildlife - coexist because of our farm's conservation-minded stewardship not in spite of our farming operation. In 2010, Hedgeapple Farm was the first farm in Frederick County to be recognized as a "Certified Agricultural Conservation Steward" by the Maryland Farm Stewardship and Certification Program. 

Their story would not be complete without sharing our commitment to helping fellow farmers and even future farmers become more skilled, more profitable, and more sustainable agricultural producers. They want to see farms remain farms and help farmers continue to grow and market high-quality beef for local consumers.

Their education efforts do not end with other farmers. Hedgeapple Farm has been a popular choice for hosting a variety of tours, workshops and other educational events for area dietitians, human nutritionists, chefs, culinary students, and other educators and thought-leaders interested in understanding how beef gets from pasture to plate. Their overarching desire is to help every consumer source more of their diet locally with an eye toward long-term sustainability and stewardship.

Locally Sourced

“Locally sourced” is a buzz-phrase showing up on menus everywhere from food trucks to chain restaurants, but what does it mean? For Boxcar, the answer is easy: we buy as much as we can directly from small farms located in Frederick and neighboring counties. This is not the standard industrial food supply chain. The people we write the checks to are the same people out in the fields with the cows and harvesting the vegetables in the summer.  We believe that this is essential both to support the local economy and make sure that Frederick stays an agricultural county. We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a region that has outstanding farmland with the population density and affluence to support farmers.

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