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Boxcar Burgers

We serve simple food, done well made from the best local ingredients.  We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a region rich with amazing agricultural land and small farmers that are committed to providing world class meats, produce, and dairy. We use only grass fed beef sourced directly from Maryland small family farms.

Boxcar began life as a food truck (or more specifically a trailer), quickly growing to two trucks, and then finally our current iteration of one truck and the Brunswick brick and mortar location. The restaurant is co-located with the Towpath Creamery, which serves high-quality Trickling Springs ice cream, also made from grass fed local milk (PA).  The location is in the heart of historic downtown, within steps of the MARC commuter train and the C&O Canal Towpath. While we currently have limited hours, we hope to expand them soon.

Grass Fed Beef

Simply put, grass fed beef is better for the environment, better for the animals, and creates a superior quality product.  Grass fed beef is produced from cows who are exclusively raised in pastures grazing on their natural diet of – you guessed it – grass. Boxcar uses only beef from cows that live their entire lives in the field as opposed to the vast majority of commercially raised cattle, which are fed a diet of grain for the last 5-8 months of their lives.

While the majority of our beef is also “grass finished” meaning the cows are never fed any grain, we will occasionally source beef from farms that supplement their herd’s diet with a small percentage of local grain. We believe that this can be done without harming animal welfare or contributing to the environmental degradation associated with feedlots and monocropping.

Locally Sourced

“Locally sourced” is a buzz-phrase showing up on menus everywhere from food trucks to chain restaurants, but what does it mean? For Boxcar, the answer is easy: we buy as much as we can directly from small farms located in Frederick and neighboring counties. This is not the standard industrial food supply chain. The people we write the checks to are the same people out in the fields with the cows and harvesting the vegetables in the summer.  We believe that this is essential both to support the local economy and make sure that Frederick stays an agricultural county. We are extraordinarily lucky to live in a region that has outstanding farmland with the population density and affluence to support farmers.

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